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Signature Keynote
Hard Sh*t, Finding Grit, and Kicking A$$

Life is unpredictable, and hard times are inevitable. Have you ever felt defeated and helpless in these times? Has adversity robbed you or your organization's ability to fight for audacious dreams?


In the face of adversity, the human mind has an incredible ability to adapt, overcome and emerge stronger than ever. Through real life examples, we will uncover the secrets of resilience and learn how to harness the power of the human mind through Cinematic Visualization. We will further discuss how this technique can build immense grit and belief in one's self- a prerequisite for achieving any type of goal, let alone a dream.

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"As the KGH Event’s Manager, I deeply appreciated Aaron's professionalism, flexibility, and enthusiasm throughout the entire process. Aaron's personal story, shared with authenticity and vulnerability, resonated deeply with the audience and left a lasting impact. Beyond just speaking, he generously gave his time to interact with guests, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. His involvement significantly contributed to the event's success, inspiring attendees. I highly recommend Aaron as a speaker who can inspire and elevate any audience."

Carly Malchuk

Community Engagement and Events Manager

KGH Foundation

“Aaron was a true inspiration! His captivating story moved our audience, motivating them to overcome challenges and never give up on their dreams.”

Dawn Haus

Vice President, People and Culture

True North Sports + Entertainment

"Aaron has an extremely inspirational story; it was one that had the whole audience sitting at the edge of their seats, waiting and wondering what was coming next. The tools Aaron leaves you with will impact your life right away!​"

Karen Bassett


Chase Lions

"What this man went through to get to the NHL is unbelievable, until he shows you how he did it. We've all heard how powerful our minds are, and Aaron is living proof of this power."

Dennis Berarducci


Revelstoke History of Hockey Society

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