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About Aaron Volpatti

Aaron Volpatti is a former NHL player and a pioneer in visualization and mindset. He also holds a B.Sc degree in Human Biology from Brown University. It is through both his studies and personal experiences that have led to his unique practice. He is dedicated to teaching others how to find their true grit through visualization. Aaron has a truly inspiring story of overcoming a tremendous amount of adversity. 


After a horrific campfire accident in 2005, Aaron was airlifted to Vancouver General Hospital. He suffered second and third degree burns to 40% of his body and was told his hockey career was over. With no scholarship offer heading into his last year of Junior hockey and a recovery that would last years, Aaron faced insurmountable odds to obtain a scholarship to Brown University, let alone a career in the NHL. After several surgeries and a gruesome recovery, he returned to the ice just 4 months after his injury and signed with Vancouver Canucks 5 years later in 2010. 


In his 5th professional season with the Washington Capitals, Aaron was hit from behind into the boards and underwent a spinal fusion surgery that forced him to retire. The events that soon followed this unplanned retirement thrust Aaron on a very dark path; chronic pain, loss of identity, divorce, and family trauma. 


Today, Aaron is focused on inspiring people around the world through his speaking and coaching. His journeys and successes wouldn’t have been possible without the extremely powerful visualization practice he developed. He wrote his own story, and visualized it every single day. This unique practice that Aaron teaches his clients has taken him to the highest level in professional sports and it has also saved his life. Simply put, he owes his life to this practice and it’s why he is so passionate about teaching it. 


Every ounce of greatness in Aaron’s life has always been preceded by extreme adversity. This is no accident and it’s why Aaron preaches getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. Remember, there is always more to give. In order to unlock this grit however, the mindset needs to be fortified first. 


Aaron resides in the beautiful Okanagan in British Columbia with his wife Michelle, and his son Finn. 



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