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by Aaron Volpatti

One of the most inspirational comeback stories in professional sports. 


Aaron Volpatti was never supposed to play in the NHL. As an average, undersized youth hockey player, Aaron had to fight his way, literally, into competitive hockey. But in the early hours of April 20, 2005, he found himself in a very different fight–a fight for his life after a devastating burn injury. 


FIGHTER: Defying The NHL Odds is a riveting account of Aaron’s journey from the Vancouver General Hospital Burn Unit to the NHL, and his life after a career ending neck injury. It is a story filled with extreme adversity, personal triumph, grief, terror, and happiness. 


Discover the true power of the human mind and what is possible through Aaron's unique Visualization practice. A revelatory practice that can help us reframe adversity, instill a deep sense of trust in our journeys, and demystify the impossible.

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Book: Testimonials
Praise for Fighter

Aaron was a great teammate and his road to the NHL is like no other.

The ultimate portrayal of perseverance, determination and mental strength. Most teammates never knew of Patti’s struggles but nothing he has accomplished would ever come as a surprise!

Alex Ovechkin- Washington Capitals

Kevin Bieksa- Vancouver Canucks

Aaron had this fearlessness about him. I knew a little bit about his story, but I was blown away after reading this book.

Henrik Sedin- Vancouver Canucks

Aaron was a true competitor, a fierce player on the ice and a great teammate off the ice. If you want to learn about the power of the human mind, you need to read this book!

Daniel Sedin- Vancouver Canucks

There is something special about the student-athlete community at Brown University…we embrace the “us against the world” mentality. When I got to know Aaron off the ice, I immediately knew this guy had that “it” factor. Resiliency, grit, mental toughness, whatever you want to call it, he had it. Then I witnessed him on the ice, and it all made sense. He’d come so close to losing the opportunity to play the game that he loved and as a result, he seemed unstoppable. The tenacity he played with was impossible to match.

As a rookie coming into the NHL, I didn't have to look far to see a great example of work ethic, perseverance and leadership. Patti was exactly that and I was lucky to be able to battle by his side as linemates. He was fearless, always had my back and was the ultimate professional day in and day out.

Tom Wilson- Washington Capitals

James Develin- New England Patriots
3X Super Bowl Champion

I’ve only known Aaron personally over the last year, but after playing against him in the NHL I had an inclination that he had an amazing story to tell, as most role players do in the NHL. I was right. His story will serve as an inspiration to so many people as it is a true depiction of mind over matter.

Jordin Tootoo- NHL alumnus and Author- All The Way: My Life on Ice

Aaron’s life experiences exemplify the delicate psychological balance associated with adversity and resilience. His story of triumph, powered by his visualization practice, offers great insight into how we can all move our personal fulcrums to find pathways towards growth and resilience in the wake of adversity and trauma.

Dr. Jacinta M. Jiménez, PsyD, BCC, Psychologist specializing in motivation and peak performance, Author of The Burnout Fix

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