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12 Week Visualization Mastermind Course
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What is Cinematic Mind Mapping?

Cinematic Mind Mapping is an enhanced form of story work visualization.


Your imagination is like a big screen TV that is constantly projecting your perceived reality. There is one major problem with this...


As human beings, we ARE NOT wired to project empowering thoughts and images on our brain's big screen TV. We too often project a fear of failure, a worry of executing past mistakes, self doubt, limiting beliefs in our true potential, and the list, unfortunately, goes on. This leads to crippling performance anxiety and the destruction of confidence. 

There is, however, a solution to this problem!


Cinematic Mind Mapping gives you the power to change the channel on your TV and rewire your subconscious to cultivate:


Think of Cinematic Mind Mapping like creating your own movie in your mind. What do you want this movie to look like? This is your life, you get to be the director of this movie! You can wire your brain for success! I can show you how.  


Ready to take your mental game to the next level?

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A new ceiling of confidence, performance, and potential

An untouchable sense of belief and trust in your journey

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Lasting GRIT to propel you through the hard times

A newfound obsession to relentlessly pursue your DREAMS


Anthony Greco - Professional hockey player (NHL, AHL, Swedish Hockey League)

I have tried to practice different methods of Visualization and manifestation throughout my college and pro career and know that it works, but Aaron’s program helped me enhance the effects tenfold. I noticed results right away and I’ve never looked forward to a season as much as my upcoming one, thanks to Aaron.

Course Preview

How It Works

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Upon sign-up you will receive an intro document and a comprehensive questionnaire to help shape your unique visualization practice over the duration of the course.   

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Visualization Program

After onboarding, you will be sent a series of video lessons every week (over three hours of total video content), as well as weekly worksheets and exercises. Every week, we will be adding layers (or scenes) to your mind movie. By the end of the 12 weeks, you will have a 10-15 minute daily visualization practice to guide you every single day along your journey. 

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There are three course options- Fundamentals, Fundamentals Plus, and Professional. The video content is the same for every option, with the major difference being interactive virtual meetings with Aaron to give you expert guidance in discovering the true power of your mind, refining your mind movie, and making it as powerful as possible. Other benefits in the higher tiered options include bonus worksheets and content, and a signed copy of Aaron's book: FIGHTER. Decide which package is right for you! 

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When you sign up for Aaron's Cinematic Mind Mapping Course, you are part of the community forever. Engage with Aaron and other members in the online Mastermind Community. 

I’ve become obsessed with progress and growth. Aaron's Visualization program has brought such a tremendous level of commitment and calmness to my whole process. I used to put so much emphasis on every event, every shot. But now I feel like I’m able to accept things as they happen because I’m so laser focused on the big picture. I’m forever appreciative of this gift you’ve given me. Thank you!

Chris Poli - Amateur Golfer

Wow! Our fifteen-year-old-daughter Danica completed Aaron’s Cinematic Mind Mapping Course and we noticed results instantly! She was captivated by Aaron’s powerful, relatable and inspiring lessons. Danica instantly became engaged in writing her own movie and on her very next elite hockey showcase she put her new Visualization skills to work, walking away with the award for Top Defenceman of the showcase. Danica has learned that training her mind is just as important as training her body on and off the ice. She will forever remember to always believe! We highly recommend Aaron’s program! We can’t thank you enough!

Dean And Thasha Maynard

I first looked into Aaron’s program as a course for my clients. I ended up participating myself and am grateful I did. I have always had dreams but not the courage or plan to put them into action. Aaron helped me change hope into belief. His Visualization Masterclass helped me lift restrictions on what I thought was possible and gave me the courage to act. I now have tools that I’ll use forever in all areas of my life.

Katinka Devrainne – Equestrian athlete. ELITE Sport Horses Ltd.

Inspiration? Yes. But so much more.

Aaron attributes his miraculous recovery from a horrific burn injury to visualization alone. After being told his hockey career was over and it would take years to recover, he returned to the ice just four months later, earning a spot at Brown University

Fast forward four years later...Aaron was studying pre-med at Brown and hadn't even considered playing pro hockey- the NCAA was his perceived peak in hockey. He was 24 years old. 

After another epiphany, or fork in the road, Aaron had a sudden realization. If he could return to the ice after his devastating burn injury, then why couldn't he play in the NHL? For the next year, Aaron went back to his Cinematic Mind Mapping visualization practice, and became obsessed with making it to the NHL. His confidence reached heights he never knew existed. In less than one year, Aaron went from being a nobody to one of the top NHL free agents in North America.


  • Week 1: An Intro To Visualization

  • Week 2: Unbreakable

  • Week 3: Start With The End In Mind

  • Week 4: The Beginning, The Now

  • Week 5: The Journey

  • Week 6: Think, Write, Rewire

  • Week 7: Soundtrack

  • Week 8: Why?

  • Week 9: Senses

  • Week 10: The Premiere

  • Week 11: Habits and Grit

  • Week 12: The Journey Continues

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Devin Pimm - Carleton Place Canadians, CCHL

Aaron's Mastermind Course instilled a new belief in myself and has given me the confidence I need to attack each and every day. Visualization is now a huge part of my daily and game day routine.

Kristin Buckler

Our daughter struggled with low self-confidence and anxiety, especially before games! We saw immediate results in her anxiety after working with Aaron. Thanks for giving our girl one of the best gifts she will ever receive- To believe in herself!

Rory Hammersmith

Learning the techniques in Aaron's 12 Week Program have definitely brought my game to the next level. I now have so much trust in my journey - I've already seen it!

Get Access Now!





Or 3x $104 Monthly

  • Cinematic Mind Mapping Course (20 videos, 3 hours of course content)

  • Digital workbook with 18 comprehensive worksheets 

  • Community membership

*Limited space

Fundamentals Plus



Or 3x $208 Monthly

  • Cinematic Mind Mapping Course (20 videos, 3 hours of course content)

  • Digital workbook with 18 comprehensive worksheets 

  • 1 virtual coaching call with Aaron

  • Weekly check-in

  • Community membership

*Limited space




Or 3x $347 Monthly

  • Cinematic Mind Mapping Course (20 videos, 3 hours of course content)

  • Digital workbook with 18 comprehensive worksheets 

  • 3 virtual coaching calls with Aaron

  • Weekly check-in

  • 1 signed copy of Aaron's book: FIGHTER

  • Community membership

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