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Learn the extreme power of visualization.

The 12 week Cinematic Mind Mapping course will give you the confidence and grit necessary to achieve your dreams. 

Each week a new lesson will be unlocked which you can re-watch anytime. Learn the basics of visualization, all the way through to game-day. Reinforce your knowledge with homework assignments and a workbook to track your progress. Over 12 weeks you'll develop a practice to make Cinematic Mind Mapping a part of your regular life.

Performance anxiety, lack of confidence, and self doubt.

It's difficult to perform at your best, let alone enjoy pursuing your dreams if you struggle with these challenges. The visualization techniques taught in this course will transform your mind and instil new mental frameworks to overcome old negative patterns.

If you want to feel empowered, squash self-doubt, and have fun relentlessly pursuing your dreams, this course if for you.

Ready to take your mental game to the next level?


What is Cinematic Mind Mapping?

Cinematic Mind Mapping is an enhanced form of visualization.


Your imagination is like a big screen TV inside your brain. When you close your eyes, your brain projects your thoughts onto the screen. What we see on this screen deeply affects our energy and our biology.

Cinematic Mind Mapping gives you the power to change the channel and rewire your subconscious. 

Our thoughts can often work against us, practicing failure over and over. Once a fearful thought fires, your body engages a physical response, releasing stress hormones, as if the failure actually happened. Repeat this process and the response becomes a pattern. This is how fear of failure or mistakes can become reality, creating anxiety, overwhelm and destroying confidence. 


Many of us aren't wired for success, but can change that, thanks to neural plasticity.  


  • Week 1: An Intro To Visualization

  • Week 2: Unbreakable

  • Week 3: Start With The End In Mind

  • Week 4: The Beginning, The Now

  • Week 5: The Journey

  • Week 6: Think, Write, Rewire

  • Week 7: Soundtrack

  • Week 8: Why?

  • Week 9: Senses

  • Week 10: The Premiere

  • Week 11: Habits and Grit

  • Week 12: The Journey Continues

Inspiration? Yes. But so much more.

Aaron attributes his miraculous recovery from a horrific burn injury to visualization alone. After being told his hockey career was over and it would take years to recover, just four months later Aaron was back on the ice, earning a spot at Brown.

In week 4 of Cinematic Mind Mapping, we'll dive into the power of the human mind and spirit. You'll build trust in yourself, and cultivate the beliefs necessary to accomplish your dreams.

While we can’t predict the future, we can influence it greatly.

Visualization Techniques

In Week 6, we'll learn from Aaron's personal playbook of visualization techniques for achieving peak performance. 

We'll dive into the two main forms of visualization, Belief Imagery and Rehearsal Imagery.

Belief Imagery: This technique can transport you to a completely different reality, connecting the person you are now with the person you have already become in the future. By honing this vision, and connecting with your future-self, you will begin to rewire your brain, instilling the confidence to pursue your dreams.

Rehearsal Imagery: This technique allows you to practice twice as hard with half the recovery time, visualizing the successful execution of your skillset. You will increase confidence and trust in your preparation, while simultaneously squashing anxiety and self-doubt.

Ready to see your performance skyrocket? 


Level 1 is designed to introduce you to the concepts of Cinematic Mind Mapping.
Level 2 requires regular practice, and includes one-on-one coaching with Aaron.

Level 3 requires the largest investment of time and energy.


Level 1 (Self-paced)

12 Week Video Course
Weekly Worksheets

Membership to Community

Course upgrade & coaching discount

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Level 2 (Consult)

12 Week Video Course
Worksheets + Writing Exercises
Digital copy of FIGHTER
*1 coaching session

Lifetime access to Community

+Course upgrade & coaching discount

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Level 3 (Coach)

12 Week Video Course

Expanded Worksheets + Journal 
Signed Physical copy of FIGHTER
*3 coaching sessions

Premier access to Community
++Course upgrade & coaching discount

*Office Hours held twice a month

Aaron's Mastermind Course instilled a new belief in myself and has given me the confidence I need to attack each and every day. Visualization is now a huge part of my daily and game day routine.

Devin Pimm - Carleton Place Canadians, CCHL

Our daughter struggled with low self-confidence and anxiety, especially before games! We saw immediate results in her anxiety after working with Aaron. Thanks for giving our girl one of the best gifts she will ever receive- To believe in herself!

Kristen Buckler

Your body can only take you so far, but your mind can take your body anywhere.

  • Founder & Head Coach

    • Vancouver Canucks & Washington Capitals (NHL), Brown University (NCAA), Manitoba Moose (AHL)

    • Brown University: B.Sc Human Biology/Neuroscience

"I wouldn’t have made my comeback from a severe burn injury or made the NHL without this powerful practice. 
Visualization also saved my life after a career ending neck injury and personal crisis."

After finishing FIGHTER and coaching these visualization techniques one-on-one, Aaron developed this program to help you break through performance anxiety and reach your full potential.